The Significance of Being Eco-conscious

The Significance of Being Eco-conscious

by Eu Liang Lee

Posted on July 15, 2021 at 11:00 AM


Being eco-conscious means that an individual acts in a way that shows concern for the environment.* Our team was curious as to how Singaporeans see themselves in regards to an individual’s effect on the Earth, global warming and other environmental issues we face in the current times. Is it a legitimate concern, or a hoax as some people decreed.

How likely are you to consider yourself to be eco-conscious?

Eco-consciousness in Singapore

It’s encouraging to see that the majority of our panelists do consider themselves to be somewhat eco-conscious. While there is also a good amount of users who are neutral, it’s much higher than the amount of users who consider themselves to not eco-conscious.

Some of the comments of the users who said they aren’t eco-conscious:

  • Too busy with everything else.
  • Can’t be bothered.
  • Our actions will not affect anything about the environment.
  • Don’t have a recycling habit.

In a separate question, we asked our panelists how significant an individual’s eco-conscious acts are:

Significance of an individual’s eco-conscious acts

Results line up with our previous question, with a good amount agreeing that it’s somewhat to extremely significant for an individual to be eco-conscious.

In our final section, we’re exploring the conception of whether our panelists think Singaporeans are generally eco-conscious.

Are Singaporeans generally eco-conscious

And to what extent do you agree/disagree that measures to increase Singapore’s eco-consciousness will be effective in the near future?

Strongly disagree1.30%
Somewhat disagree10.93%
Somewhat agree52.27%
Strongly agree7.03%
Will measures to increase Singaporean’s eco-consciousness effective in the future?


While it’s concerning that Singaporeans don’t think of Singaporeans as a whole as being eco-conscious, it’s encouraging that most of our panelists believe that measures to increase Singapore’s eco-consciousness will be effective in the future.

What about you? What is your stand on eco-consciousness and what’s your level of eco-consciousness? Share with us your thoughts on our social media channels!


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