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Posted on July 08, 2021 at 10:00 AM


Language has gradually developed as humans evolved. As a result, it plays an extremely important part in our daily communications.

Our team wanted to know what is the first language of our panelists, as well as their level of interest in other languages.

Let’s explore the results below!

Survey Results

First, we asked the panelists how many languages they can communicate with on a basic level. The result was 98% of our panelists can communitcate in at least 3 languages. Followed up 27% knowing exactly 3 languages and 6% knowing 4-5 languages.

With the emphasis on students learning their mother tongues in schools, this is not a surprising result.

Second, we asked our panelists which language they wished to learn. The results are shown in the infographic below.

The top languages our surveyed panelists wanted to learn

With the influencer of Kpop, Kdrama and the high level of interest in Japanese culture in Singapore, this is not a surprising result. But we also wanted to know why. Hence, we’ve included a list of key reasons mentioned by our panelists below:

  • Interested in Japanese & Korean culture
  • Travels to Japan & Korea
  • Love of Kpop
  • To communicate more effectively
  • To increase employability
  • Low English literacy rate in other countries

Another interesting question we posed to our panelists was what if there was only 1 universal language used around the world, would the world be a better place? Our panelists were split, with 44% saying yes and 56% saying no. It does seem that variety is the spice of life, even for something like languages.

On the other hand, on whether the government should encourage citizens to master a 2nd language (or their mother tongue like Mandarin Chinese, Tamil, or Bahasa Malay), it was overwhelmingly yes with 89% of the panelists agreeing.

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