The Impact of Social Media

The Impact of Social Media

by Eu Liang Lee

Posted on August 16, 2021 at 10:34 AM

Social media, can’t live with it, can’t live without it. How much do our panelists use social media and what impact has it had in their lives? We at ApiaryBuzz aimed to find out.

How often do you use social media?

The top question of the day! Our results below.

Turns out we are all addicted to social media!

As expected, a huge amount of our panelists do use social media every day. What’s surprising is that there are panelists who use social media less than a day each month. It would be interesting to understand what sort of demographic these people belong to and the reasons why.

What do you usually use social media for?

Posting/sharing stuff38%
Keeping up with others58%
Staying in touch with friends and family50%
As a creative platform16%
As a business platform12%
To make new friends11%
To pass the time63%
Other (entertainment, keep journals, etc.)1%

It appears that social media is still social for many of our panelists. One of the top reasons they chose to use social media is mainly to keep in touch with others, a distinctly social activity.

63% of our panelists consider it as a way to pass time, while another big point to note is that 53% of our panelists use social media to keep up with news. This is particularly interesting due to the advent of misinformation in today’s media landscape.

Some other interesting points are that 16% view it as a creative outlet, while 12% consider it a business platform. Only 5% use it for dating purposes while 11%

Effects of Social Media

We’ll delve into some of the positive and negative effects of social media.

Which of the following positive effects of social media have you experienced?

Social media is a great drive for connection and creativity!

The connectivity of social media appears to be one of its most positive points, with 32% saying that it has brought a positive impact on the ways to connect with friends and family. While 22% has gotten some creative inspiration from social media.

Which of the following negative effects of social media have you experienced?

The rise of the FOMO nation!

On the flipside, the feeling of FOMO is prevalent amongst our panelists when using social media. With 41% saying that they get jealous or envious of others’ social media posts. Addiction is also a big concern, with 37% saying that they have trouble getting off the gram (and other social media).

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